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SEBDATA are a professional service provider that specialise in Data and Business Intelligence, across a wide variety of industry sectors. We offer a full range of services in the IT Infrastructure, System Management, Administration Processes and Business Insight space. Our mission is to provide you with the best data management and business intelligence solutions, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

The Economist - May 2017


Data Services

From the setup and maintenance of database servers to the installation and management of operational systems, Sebdata offers all-round data solutions for businesses across all sectors, with effective backup and disaster recovery solutions throughout the process. We setup data management platforms both on premise and in the Cloud, working with you to find the right solution for your business. Once platforms and systems are running, SEBDATA offers a wide range of services to help advance the use of your data. We architect and manage Operational Data Stores, Data Warehouses, Data Integrations and Data Analysis Cubes. Using the latest data visualisation and reporting tools, we are able to run reports both in real time, and offline.
Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
Business data is the key to excellent performance in this day and age. Many businesses have successfully transformed to data driven decision making and gained a competitive advantage. Bringing the information to decision makers is where we can help. We can deliver operational reports to your staff, performance reports to your managers and help you with specific data analysis to answer strategic questions. Perhaps you run several brands or entities and you need a data warehouse to bring information together? SEBDATA can help with all these tasks and more.

Operational and Management Reporting

Reporting enables internal and external stakeholders to measure your performance, this is increasingly important over time to any organisation wanting to improve. We can help you measure your performance and put early warning systems in place. Data Analysis Interesting patterns can be hidden in your current data or even predictive models applied to it. Data analysis can help you reduce costs, attract more customers and support them through their customer journey.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

We can go a step further and develop a data warehouse for your organisation to get even more insight into your business, develop new KPI’s and deliver automated reporting to the right people.

SEBDATA can provide businesses  with a fully serviced cloud hosting solution which allows you to run your business without the hassle of maintaining servers and applications. Bring your business  systems into our cloud and forget about maintaining servers and running software updates. What can you host with us? We can host and manage your website, CRM, Management Systems, documents and more.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

With SEBDATA’s hosting service you can be relaxed when it comes to backups and potential recovery of your data. We manage backups for you according to your requirements or set a suitable backup schedule for you.

Cloud Migration

Don’t have a hosted solution at the moment? No problem, we can help you with migrating your current “on-premise” software into the SEBDATA cloud.

Software Updates

Depending on the software you host with us, SEBDATA can process frequent software updates for you. We will notify you on potential downtime and will process the update at a convinient time for you.

Integrating your current software with 3rd party solutions, linking our operational systems to accounting software and making selected information available to your customers can be an extremely effective way of saving time and enhancing data integrity. Consuming API’s or even making your own data available via API’s has become crucial for successful businesses. SEBDATA can custom design your integration needs and provide running integration services if required. Talk to us about how your processes could be improved using integrations.

Education Services

SEBDATA offers a turnkey solution for Education Providers from Lead Management and Enrolment tracking to Timetabling and Class Scheduling, E-Learning platforms and Student Management Systems, which ensure accurate and compliant reporting. Let us help you grow your enrolments and handle the associated systems, so you can focus on what’s really important to you.
Bureau Services
Administration of Student information, enrolments, progress, as well as compliance reporting have become a big task for Education providers in New Zealand. Looking ahead there are no signs that these tasks are going to become any easier. The demand is only growing for more timely and accurate data delivery to key stakeholders.

SDR Packages

For PTE’s, the SDR processing can be very time consuming, as it requires preparation within your student management system and proper processing of all your students outcomes. SEBDATA offers an SDR package which includes the full processing of your SDR by our detailled checklist, submission and a comprehensive summary report.

Enrolment and Outcome Processing

Go one step further and oursource your student administration completely. Our staff has many years of experience processing student administration and will do so efficiently. This is your chance to save costs.

Education Consulting

Compliance has become increasingly important for education organisations in New Zealand; particularly for those receiving government funding. Keeping up with changes in the reporting standards and guidelines (SDR), student assessments, acceptance criterias, immigration and student visa requirements, as well as self-assessments, are some of the many challenges that education organisations face whilst dealing with minimal resources to manage compliance. SEBDATA supports educators with software that is up-to-date and compliant with New Zealand standards. Our consultants can also help you with performing tasks like self-assessment, SDR extractions, forecasting, EER preparation and numerous compliance-related topics that can be managed and/or improved by using the right tools.

Education Software
Systems and software help us to efficently manage students, staff and stakeholders. Choosing the right system and implementing it into your business is however not always straight forward. SEBDATA will help you making the right choice when it comes to systems and software. We will help you with customising the software according to your business processes, migrate your legacy data, implement the system and train your staff.

Student Management Systems

A student management system (SMS) is often the core application utilised in education businesses in New Zealand. A good  system manages not only the students’ information and enrolment details, but also enquiries, timetabling, withdrawals, outcomes, attendance, and much more. Increasingly, these systems are being integrated with external stakeholders such as Studylink, NZQA or Public Trust. We can recommend and implement a SMS for your organisation, upgrade your existing system, or build interfaces for external stakeholders to improve process efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Recruiting the right students in the right market can be supported by using a CRM. It will manage enquiries from your website or social media through the sales funnel until they are enrolled in your student management system. It will not only reduce the workload of your onboarding process but also deliver the bums on seat you want.


Our computer savvy learners have high expectations in content delivery during your studies. E-Learning systems have become critically important for education providers and will give your business a competitive advantage when well implemented.

Resource Planning

Timetabling and Scheduling software are amongst the most important systems to plan your staff and facilities effectively. Resource planning software can help you significantly reduce the cost of running your business.

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Software partners

Insightly develops cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and project management tools for small and medium size businesses. SEBDATA is the sole partner of Insightly in New Zealand. We help with the implementation of the CRM including linking it to your website and student management system. Learn more about Insightly on

Insightly CRM

SELMA is a student management system designed for the New Zealand tertiary education sector. It is the easy and cost-effective answer to student management compliant with New Zealand Tertiary Education regulations.


Sell online with the best ecommerce platform: Manage easily everything from sales, to promotions to store administration. PrestaShop will help you to simplify the daily management for your online store so you can sell more and deliver a great customer experience. Built-in SEO features make it easy to soar to the top of search results. Promotions can be quickly added to categories, best-sellers, and shipping fees. A centralized back office simplifies your day-to-day store administration.


THE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM YOU’LL LOVE TO USE. An easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) to organize, track and distribute online courses for formal learning (supports multiple formats including xAPI, SCORM and AICC)


Experienced Team

David Straub

David Straub

Business Intelligence Consultant (Director)

David has worked with data in some shape or form in the last 15 years and his love for data has led him into Business Intelligence Development. With a strong commercial background, Davids’s solutions are always aimed at the commercial success of customers and quality improvement of products and services. As the founder and director of SEBDATA, he is determined to deliver all projects on time and on budget, with the best customer service possible.
Daylinda Perry

Daylinda Perry

Senior SQL Server Database Consultant

Daylinda is a highly experienced SQL Server professional, who specialises in implementing, designing and maintaining large SQL server environments. She has a wide range of technical SQL server skills, complemented by excellent interpersonal qualities. This combination has demonstrated to be very successful, allowing her to establish good relationships with customers and peers to better understand the business requirements and apply the right SQL server solution.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

SEBDATA helped us to put a very efficient and cost effective process in place to manage our potential customers, finances and student management. What we love the most however, is that the team of SEBDATA is always only a phone call away when complaints or system questions arise.

Barbara Te Ripo , Office Manager @ Subsea Training Centre

SEBDATA is our chosen partner for software integration and custom development in New Zealand. We decided to work with SEBDATA due to their vast experience in the education market, their technical expertise and their professional and reliable team.

Rustica Lamb, Director @ Bloom Learning Technologies

SEBDATA have been able to translate the ‘techy’ speak into easy, useable language for our business and our staff. The SEBDATA team are incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and great to work with.

Jennifer Andrews, Operations Manager @ Regent Training Centre

We contracted SEBDATA to assist us in setting up SQL Server replication between our sites and Azure. In the initial meeting they were very knowledgeable and aware of the specific challenges we face as providers to the medical industry. The final result given to use was a clear set of instructions plus SQL statements on how to set up reliable replication with reporting.

Greg Pryde, Platform Manager @ HealthSoft – RxOne Software

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